Bird Feeding

Bird feeding brings Nature back to our cities, promotes a more mindful and respectful way of co-living with animals and helps birds thrive away from wilderness.

Intense urbanization in the last 40 years has triggered detrimental to the environment processes like sprawling city infrastructures, exploited and polluted lands and destroyed animal habitats. But most of all people have become increasingly detached from Nature – humankind’s primary source of life for 99.9% of its existence.

While these actions are irreversible, they also challenge everybody to find new opportunities for bringing wildlife within the boundaries of the city. Bird feeding helps birds cope with the difficulties of finding food and adjusting to a testing and uncertain urban environment. 

For humans it can be a means for joy and stress relief. Mr. Beak’s high-quality wild bird food is a trusted medium to approach and get to know better these wonderful feathered creatures and rekindle nature in our lives.


We have created Mr. Beak with the vision for a harmonious ecological interdependence between humans, animals, birds, and plants.  The prosperity of our species is based on caring for the biodiversity of the Planet. Mr. Beak invites people to reconnect with Nature by welcoming wild birds into their terrace or backyard.

Mr.Beak is committed to:

Offer a high-quality product comprised of only seeds, cereals and nuts that birds love to eat. Our customers receive the greatest value with every package, because we guarantee our mixes are fillers-free (fillers are often used to reduce the cost, but end up uneaten.) 

Keep a close relationship with our customers – by eliminating all unnecessary phases in our supply chain, we manage to be in closer control of the quality of our product, offer it at a reasonable price and pay attention to our clients’ feedback. 

Select carefully each ingredient for our products and offer clean mixes thus contributing to the wellbeing of the birds.

Act in an honest, open and transparent way with our stakeholders in order to keep a sustainable and viable relationship. We are always ready to assist – both in terms of communication and means of supply.


Mr. Beak 4 Seasons blend is a delicious food featuring a variety of high quality seeds, cereals and nuts. No wheat, barley or milo! The mix offers a carefully balanced nutritional value, satisfying daily dietary needs of birds all year-round.

Ingredients: peeled sunflower seeds / striped sunflower seeds / yellow millet / foxtail millet / oat kernel / wild seeds / black oil sunflower seeds / cracked corn / peanuts / hemp seeds / safflower seeds / canary seeds / rapeseed / niger seeds

Delicious, high-protein mix from first quality seeds, cereals and nuts. Excellent food for migration times and cold months. No wheat, barley or milo.

Ingredients: peeled sunflower seeds / wild seeds / peanuts / yellow millet / foxtail millet / oat kernel / cracked corn / rapeseed / Raisins / hemp seeds / safflower seeds / niger seeds

Tired of cleaning seed hulls around the feeder? Pick this first class selection of seeds, cereals and nuts, which leaves the area tidy and offers a carefree maintenance. Year-round delicious mix.

Ingredients: peeled sunflower seeds / yellow millet / foxtail millet / wild seeds / oat kernel / cracked corn / peanuts / rapeseed / niger seeds / Raisins / hemp seeds

Birds fall in love with this tasty mix, prepared with their favorite seeds and grains in abundance. Luxury blend with no fillers – just the foods birds really love. Good for year-round feeding. 

Ingredients: peeled sunflower seeds / wild seeds / canary seeds / striped sunflower seeds / niger seeds / hemp seeds / safflower seeds / Raisins / yellow millet / foxtail millet / oat kernel / rapeseed / mealworms / peanuts

Highly nutritious seeds, rich in fat, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: Sunflower seeds

Highly nutritious seeds, rich in fat, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: Peeled sunflower seeds

Highly nutritious seeds, rich in fatty and amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: Hemp seeds

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